London, 2014 – Matador Pictures, Captain Starlight Company and Umedia are delighted to announce that pre-production has commenced on feature film Zafari, shooting on location in the UK and Spain from July 2014. Star casting will be announced shortly. The film will make its market debut in Cannes. UMedia International is handling world sales.

Zafari is written by Paul Gerstenberger (All Stars) and directed by Steve Barker (Outpost I and II). The film is produced by Nigel Thomas and Charlotte Walls of Matador Pictures (All is by my Side, The Numbers Station), Nick Gillott (Event Horizon) of Captain Starlight and produced in association with Umedia (Grace of Monaco, The Artist). Zafari is financed by Umedia and Gloucester Place Films.

Zafari is a slick and contemporary cutting edge story of survival in a post-apocalyptic world. Following a major zombie outbreak, humans once again have the upper hand and life has returned to relative normality with only an occasional reminder of recent horrific events. A rogue zombie or two might find their way into everyday life but they are quickly ‘disposed’ of by the authorities.

That is, all except the ones at Zafari – a zombie safari park where people can pay to go out to hunt and shoot the undead. It is the ultimate blood-sport experience. But when the park’s watertight security system is breached, all hell breaks loose as a group of mismatched Zafari guests find themselves in a fight for survival against the vicious zombies, and a race against the clock to escape the park’s last explosive security measure.

Adrian Politowski, CEO of Umedia, says: “We’re excited to be involved with ZAFARI: a high concept action/adventure movie with zombies, rather than a classic genre picture. It takes the zombie movie to another level – like WARM BODIES did before, though in a very different direction. It’s an edge-of-your-seat ride, with great production value and plenty of thrills.”

Nigel Thomas from Matador Pictures says: “This marks our third collaboration with Steve Barker whose unique vision lies behind the success of the hugely popular Outpost franchise. In his hands we know that Zafari will  be an action packed ride with never-before-seen thrills, tension and excitement.”

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