Your Friend Till The End. The Dollhouse Documentary Review

The Dollhouse

So, you thought our Chucky coverage for the night was all done and dusted? Oh hell naw!

The opening night film at this year’s UK FrightFest in London was of course Cult of Chucky but that’s not all. Right before Cult of Chucky started playing we were treated to a small documentary shot by Krya Gardener. Kyra is the daughter of special effects makeup artist / Chucky puppeteer Tony Gardner.

The Dollhouse Documentary

Brad and Fiona Dourif

This short but incredibly sweet documentary has snippet interviews with Brad and Fiona Dourif, Don Mancini, Tony Gardner himself and franchise producer David Kirschner. The documentary links these snippets with beautiful little animations and behind the scenes shots from our beloved Chucky movies.

Kyra and Tony Gardner

Dollhouse is a documentary that can only be created by someone truly passionate about what they’re a part of. I’ve seen many a documentary trying to grasp at my heart strings only to pull other parts instead (get your mind outta the gutter guys, cmon). Most of them try but fail. Dollhouse shows an integral part of a franchise and shows a rare trait of ‘franchise’ cinema and that’s love. Many franchises sadly don’t have cast and crew that care about the franchise they’re a part of. Whether it’s a quick pay cheque or just another credit or claim to fame to be a part of a franchise. Everyone behind the Chucky movies in this documentary has been on the ride for their entire lives. Fiona grew up with her dad voicing an infamous killer doll. Kyra growing up with a dad who makes Chucky come alive. It really is a beautiful story of growing up with the franchise as well as Tony, David and Don who treat Chucky like he was their own son.

The Dollhouse Documentary

The Dollhouse was a lovely tribute to the franchise and its creators. The Dollhouse was such a nice touch to show before Cult of Chucky. It set the mood up straight away, got me excited as hell and really made me appreciate a history of a film made with care, attention and love. If only all franchises treated their characters the same way.

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