WWE TLC 2014 Review

The final PPV of the year,did it end 2014 on a high? Let us find out.


Dolph Ziggler vs Luke Harper – Intercontinental Championship: Ladder Match

This is going to be the match to beat this PPV, from the moment the bell sounded the match was intense, full of cringing moments and lots of blood. Straight out of the starting blocks it’s excitement after excitement as ladders are flying all over the ring. A truly wonderful spectacle and a tribute to both of these superstars’ abilities.


Big Show Vs Erick Rowan – Steel Stairs Match

A very average match that bored me to tears for the majority, a rather silly match up and already it’s starting to look as thou the Dolph vs Harper match will be the best line up at this year’s PPV.

hqdefaultJohn Cena Vs Seth Rollins – Tables Match

The predictability of this match was quite apparant before I even started to watch the wrestlers entering the ring. The amount of torture Cena has been undergoing lately it was clear to see the WWE had planned a Cena revival once again, it was just a shame it was all centered around a rather poor match, so dissapointing.

tumblr_nglwu01tKQ1rahwdwo8_500Nikki Bella Vs AJ Lee – Divas Title

Match was your standard RAW match. the same end result. Nothing unusual here. But hey,…

hqdefault-1Rusev Vs Jack Swagger – United States Championship

Yawn…. next!


Ryback Vs Kane – Chairs Match

The crowd chanting “BORING”  throughout as these two went toe to toe. This is a match that could have easily been done on RAW or Smackdown, nothing is going to live up to the incredibly impressive opening match-up.


The Usos Vs The Miz and Damien Miz-dow  – WWE Tag Team Championships

A pointless match that ended in disqualification, not only annoying me but I imagine the thousands of fans that had paid good money to see an outright winner rather than a repeat match at the next Raw or Smackdown.


Bray Wyatt Vs Dean Ambrose – Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match

The crowd loved it and I merely just liked it. Ambrose is one crazy son of a bitch! Lots of outside the ring action getting in amongst the crowd but it was nothing spectacular.

An overall disappointing PPV that should of had the Dolph match much nearer the finale, quite a disastrous end to 2014 with this god awful pay per view that promised so much..