WWE Live in the UK: May 2014 Review

LITUK_MAY_2014_DVD_3D_png_290x290_q92With the WWE Universe still reeling from the events of WrestleMania and Extreme Rules, the WWE arrives in London for RAW and SmackDown Live in the UK! Hulkamania is back and running wild in London as Hulk Hogan returns to England’s capital for SmackDown. Not content with defeating John Cena at Extreme Rules, Bray Wyatt looks to completely destroy the Cenation Leader, in front of a packed O2 crowd. Can John Cena’s new found allies, The Usos, prevent the maniacal Bray Wyatt from toppling the 14 time World Champion?

Plus the homecoming of England’s newly crowned Intercontinental Champion, Bad News Barrett, and Divas Champion, Paige!

Matches include:

Sheamus vs. Cesaro

Seth Rollins vs. Batista

The Usos vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan

Paige vs. Alicia Fox

And much more, including Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam, Alberto Del Rio, Big E, Ryback and Mark Henry competing in a beat the clock challenge to earn the right to face Preston’s own WWE Intercontinental Champion, Bad News Barrett, at Payback!

We were so looking forward to attending this event and then just like that we saw the huge scrolling letters of SOLD OUT on every single website we could find, as our heads dropped and a slow falling tear rolled down our cheeks, we picked ourselves up and waited patiently for the DVD to arrive in the mail.

There is a range of rather dull matches but as a whole it stands up, I feel as thou the UK crowd are much more toned down than a US crowd, the crowd never really makes much fuss about anything thats going on in the ring, a few chants here and there but a part from that its quite a boring affair.

The Batista Vs Seth Rollins is a great match, it won’t be long before the crowd get on Batista’s side, the side he deserves, the side that shows fans as true supporters and believers not fickle part timers that respect The Rock and welcome him back with open arms after a Hollywood visit yet shun Batista on his return..

They’ll come around, its common sense.

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