WWE Live in the UK – Manchester 13/04/2015

What an atmosphere in Manchester! The Floor and Lower Tiers were all full, we grabbed our seats a few rows from the ring on the floor. The crowd for me personally were very toned down for the majority of the show until the bigger stars came out which is understandable.

JoJo came down to the ring looking as good as ever to host the show.

Neville - WWE Live in the UK Manchester

The first match up was a one fall with Neville Vs Finn Balor, a few acrobatics later and Neville wins the match with a Red Arrow that was perfectly executed from the top rope.  Lots of “Let’s Go Neville” Chants echoed through the arena and the match ended with the pair shaking hands, the crowd still in raptures as the Red Arrow looked so damn good!

Tyson Kid and Cesaro W/ Natalya WWE Live in the UK Manchester

Cesaro & Tyson Kidd w/ Natalya defeated New Day (Kofi & Big E w/ Xavier) to retain Tag Team Titles after The Cesaro Swing and Low Dropkick from Kidd. The crowd were chanting “New Day Sucks” which didn’t impress the New Day members to the point where Kofi grabbed the microphone to say “I’m a nice guy but I’m about to get angry”.  The “New Day Sucks” chants got louder and louder and their reactions were hilarious.

Xavier got on the microphone after the fight and defended his team by challenging anyone else in the back to a match-up and guess who came down. R-Truth, rapping his way down to the centre of the ring.

R-Truth beat Xavier within 60 seconds with a roll up. R-Truth got the crowd to combine the “What’s Up” and “New Day Sucks” chants together. Xavier jumped him from behind but Truth quickly spun it around and got the win. New Day were once again in disbelief as they were holding Xavier back all the way up the ramp and into the back.

Mizdown WWE Live in the UK Manchester

Next up was Mizdown vs The Miz with Damien Mizdow defeating The Miz with the Skull Crushing Finale. This match was actually pretty boring in all fairness, some very simple ground work turned into more of a comedy match-up when Mizdown started doing the body double for old times sake.Divas WWE Live in the UK ManchesterNext up was the lovely Divas as Natalya beat Alicia Fox. Natalya was the face for the match and just like for the entire event, the crowd favorites always won.

Big Show WWE Live in the UK ManchesterWhat an entrance in this next event, a Street Fight between Roman Reigns and Big Show. Roman Reigns had the crowd in uproar when he came down from the stands through the audience during his trademark into. Chairs, a Kendo stick and two tables  were involved in an awesome match, but it was Roman who came out on top to beat The Big Show with a Spear. Big Show had the “You Sold Out” Chants from the audience and from start to finish Roman was the crowd favorite. Reigns had a huge smile on his face and once the match had ended he spent a decent time celebrating with fans which not many of the stars previously did, I thought this was a real nice touch.

Roman Reigns WWE Live in the UK ManchesterThe first match after the interval saw Jimmy Uso defeat Fandango in about a Minute with a Splash off the Top Rope. Fandango and Rosa dancing in the ring before Jimmy took to the microphone and said he liked to Dance also, Jimmy then asked JoJo to the ring and they danced to “Sexy And I Know It“. Fandango turned around into a Super Kick from Uso followed by a big splash for the win. A VERY quick match-up but equally as entertaining as Jimmy did the Scott 2 Hotty Worm dance move and the crowd went insane, he threw his T-Shirt into the crowd and a little kid next to me caught it, congrats to that kid, he was happy for the rest of the night!


Everyone was out in the ring for the next match-up, Daniel Bryan, Erick Rowan & Dolph Ziggler defeated Bad News Barrett, Sheamus & Bray Wyatt in a 6 Man Tag when Barrett tapped out to the Yes Lock. The entrances seemed to receive a very tame response until Dolph and Bryan came out, EVERYONE in the arena was doing the ‘YES’ chants! The arena was bouncing even more so than when Roman came out. The match was great with everyone getting a fair share but I did feel that Bray Wyatt seemed to lack some serious quality in the ring, he wasn’t in there for very long and when he was he just didn’t seemed to show up, maybe he was tired or something. I read somewhere he was nursing an injury but if this was the case he shouldn’t of been in the line-up to begin with. Never the less his entrance was superb with lights filling the stadium like stars.

Barrett took to the stage before the match to play down the Manchester football derby that had happened earlier in the day for him to then bring out his hometown team Preston North End to crowd jeers with me included giving them a good chant of VALE VALE, for those who don’t follow football, Port Vale are a team that Preston will be facing in League 1 very soon, a local team to us here at Back to the Movies.


So now it was time for the main event, my god I was excited, I’ve never looked up to a superstar before but the work that Cena does in and out of the ring is inspirational and when he came out I lost it! My inner kid was having a field day! John Cena defeated Rusev with the Attitude Adjustment.  There were dueling “Let’s Go Cena” and “Cena Sucks” chants but the “Let’s Go Cena” positive chants far outweighed the negative, the crowd were going nuts, people running out of their seats to come and snap a picture and not once but twice did Cena salute my camera for some great shots. Rusev was in charge for most of the match as he was at Wrestlemania, Cena made some quick off the rope comebacks with the crowd cheering him on all the way. Cena managed to lift Rusev up and pull off an AA to win the match. Cena came over to us after and interacted with the crowd a great deal, signing posters, taking photos, he spent his full songs duration before he hit the ramp and showed off his title belt.

Overall a great show, my first ever WWE event and it was good enough for me to sign up for Smackdown / Raw tickets in November when the stars come over once again.