Wrong Turn 6 Review

wrong-turn-last-resortWrong Turn 6, yes six ! Premiered at Screamfest this week and we approached it with caution and hesitation as naturally most people would during a sixth installment in a franchise, I mean how many Wrong Turns can people make, I mean c’mon ! So  is it a hit or a miss, let’s find out !

A sudden inheritance brings Danny and a group of his friends to Hobb Springs, a forgotten hotel and spa resort in the middle of nowhere. Hobb Springs is being maintained by the Jackson and Sally, a strange inbred couple who introduce Danny to the long lost family he’s never known. Soon, Danny has to make a decision, does he choose his friends or his family.

The film opens to a beautiful hot springs location utilising great cinematography in its first scene and like all of its predecessors doesn’t shy away from disposing of a couple in the opening scene of the movie in an extremely gory manner.

The Hobb Springs set location is a beautiful shooting location that compliments the secluded nature of the resort and the emphasis on how far away from civilization the group really are. The film however fails to grab your attention to the point where you may care about these characters, there isn’t a relatable character within the group, just some random people who like to smoke weed and mess around, where haven’t we seen groups of characters like that in horror movies.. I wonder.


As the story progresses and our cast start finding out the true nature of Jackson and Sally’s intentions the story heats up a little with some incest scenes, crazy kill scenes and plot holes deep enough to hit the core of the earth, whilst at the same time events conspire to strain the relationship of our leading cast Danny and Toni. Going into this movie my brain was entirely dis-engaged as initially my expectations were low, but this movie surprised me. The kill scenes were entertaining, the cinematography’s look and feel was very well presented but the storyline was a lot to be desired.

As the ‘story’ progresses Danny is being pulled from left to right trying to decide between his friends or dig deep throughout his new found heritage to find some family loyalty. The movie seems to make this decision up extremely quickly with a very rushed drunken night by a campfire. Danny drinks a rather unusual concoction and suddenly is tripping out beyond belief, as Danny finishes his drink the turning point in the film is initiated. In this moment Danny knows exactly what he now wants and the film draws out from that decision as its consequence. Personally for me this was incredibly rushed, he had no time to make this life changing decision at all it was instantaneous and very badly done. An instant change of heart between the people you care about and total strangers is impossible to comprehend but never the less it happened and onwards we proceed.

More incest and the crazy three inbred brothers hunting down people one by one, leads to a rather comical climax in parts but there was a scene of note. A superbly choreographed cat fight scene towards the end between Sally and Danny’s girlfriend Toni (Aqueela Zoll) puts a rather entertaining spin on proceedings but the film still lacks just that bit of X-factor throughout.


A much better film than what I was expecting, exciting, thrilling just the right amount of gore, a very entertaining watch with a stand out performance from both Sally played by Sadie Katz who adopted the crazy bitch attitude as second nature and Jackson played by Chris Jarvis who pulled off a rather sinister yet calm character that mixed with Sally’s personality was a creepy combination indeed ! The film did what it needed to do and that my friends is more than what I was expecting. What I loved about this movie is that no one makes a physical Wrong Turn in terms of driving down the wrong road or straying from their path, this film for me refers to the wrong turn Danny makes in terms of his mind set, the good to evil crossover and taking a turn for the worse. Very nicely done.

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