Would You Watch A Bingo Movie?

bingo movie

Bingo, a game that is becoming more and more popular each and every year especially with big money up for grabs in the majority of cases. But according to Online Bingo Choices, they say that Bingo is more popular than Tennis? Really?!

Naturally, with me being a movie focused guy I instantly started to try and think of scenes in movies where Bingo was played compared to Tennis and Tennis comes out the winner by a long shot. I can only think of a scene in Hotel Transylvania and Rampage where a Bingo hall is actually seen. Wimbledon, Match Point, 16-Love, Balls Out just to name a few Tennis movies. Surely there is no competition between the two in terms of the big screen. Let’s be honest watching Bingo on the big screen would be a rather dull affair but credit to certain filmmakers who have added this game into their flicks without degrading any of the content it surrounds.

bingo movie

According to the research if Bingo were considered a sport and not a game it would rank sixth among the most popular sports in Britain! That is crazy! Tennis is ranked as the seventh most popular sport so that was really surprising to see but with Bingo being more accessible than that of a local tennis court it makes sense. The funniest thing is that Bingo is trying to become an actual sport for the Olympics. I’m pretty sure I’m being Punked but I have read that before. I can’t imagine how competitive a game of luck and chance would be at an Olympic event. Audience members asleep in there chair, as dull as watching a game of Snooker or Pool I imagine!

Thanks to Online Bingo Choices for doing this unique bit of research and for giving me something to ponder in the future. Could Hollywood make a movie about Bingo and make it interesting? Throw Kevin Hart into it and I’m pretty sure he could make paint drying hilarious. More to the point would you even watch a movie about Bingo?

Food for thought!


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