Would You Watch A Bingo Documentary?


Sounds thrilling right?

Documentaries are becoming more and more mainstream these days, often focusing on the most mundane of topics. We’ve seen documentaries about life in Sea World, people who live out in the wilderness and all sorts of other experiences. Now, it might just be time for a documentary about the history of bingo.

What makes bingo such a rife topic for a documentary? There are two main answers to this; one is its impact on British culture and the other is how much it has changed through the years. Shooting off from these two main branches, there’s a whole world just waiting to be discovered by viewers.

Britain has a love affair with bingo, whether it’s in a hall or at home on bingo sites. The BBC has long since speculated that bingo would disappear forever but it has in fact evolved into something that appeals to a younger crowd. This would be an interesting topic for a documentary to discuss, as they could examine bingo from before the war all the way to bingo in nightclubs today, we can practically hear Louis Theroux narrating it now!

Doc 2

We could also see an examination of how the bingo industry works. This could include how reviews on new sites influence their success within the market, as new bingo sites launch on a regular basis. There have been documentaries on how stores like the Pound Shop work in the UK, so the inner workings of the online bingo industry could present just as much scope for a documentary.

There are books out there that examine the source and changes that the game has gone through, which would be ripe for a big screen representation. These books have been ridiculed as being dry and boring but the way that the game has influenced the culture is top documentary fuel. This provides a perfect narrative on which a documentary maker could build.

Documentaries usually make a big splash at the Oscars, going from a niche category to one of the most watched. Oscar bait generally consists of something unexpected that examines day to day life. What better topic could there be than the idea of the way bingo is intertwined with our population?

Doc 3

There are loads of quirky facts about bingo that would make such a film an interesting watch. Did you know that the day the Smoking Ban came into play, attendance in bingo halls dropped dramatically? This is the kind of interesting slice of life fact that we’d love to learn within a movie. These would especially come in handy next time we’re headed off to the pub quiz!

All in all, we’re big proponents of a bingo documentary, as there are more than enough facets about the game to fill up a few hours of fun. Just as you wouldn’t have needed to visit Sea World to be interested in the acclaimed Blackfish documentary, the viewership of such a film could be much farther reaching than a few grannies playing in a bingo hall.