Wolf Creek 2 Review

WolfCreek2_John_Jarratt_as_Mick_Taylor_and_Ryan_Corr_as_Paul_Micks_torture_chamber_7The outback once more becomes a place of horror as another unwitting tourist becomes the prey for crazed, serial-killing pig-hunter Mick Taylor.

WolfCreek2_Ryan_Corr_as_PaulWolf Creek the original film was a fantastic addition to the horror genre, it was something different, something exciting and kept your hooked from start to finish. The second instalment is 30 minutes in and already I want it to end and the fact they made a sequel to a film that didn’t need a sequel is beyond me.

Wolf Creek has no relatable characters, no storyline of any kind, it doesn’t have a throw back to any particular film, its just a snuff film in the Australian outback. The SPFX are all well and good but this film doesn’t have a foot to stand on with no storyline of note, who ever funded the second installment should hang their heads in shame.

The movie is a wonderful display of everything that is wrong with horror at the moment, nothing new, nothing original and if there’s a chance of it making more money, make a sequel, who cares what the fans think right?

The film even centralizes around an English guy in the Australian outback getting tortured I mean if that’s not some twisted retribution for things us brits have done in the past I don’t know what is.

MTJohn Jarratt is wonderful as Mick Taylor his character traits and acting is a sublime display of what a horror psycho killer persona should be, but throw any horror character into a movie without a plotline, story or relatable characters and you have nothing.

Two out of ten stars purely because I’m in a good mood and for a specific scene between Mick and his English victim as they enjoy a nice drink of rum singing old outback songs is a nice touch, adding that human element to a deranged psychopath was a smart move, but the only smart thing displayed through the entire movie. I shall forget this film ever exists and focus on the wonderful original.

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