Will Smith’s involvement in Bad Boys 3 – Unclear


Will Smith may not star in the new Bad Boys films, but is rumoured to be involved in some capacity.

News from THR reports that that Will is definitely on-board but the studio is unclear whether he’ll star in the movie, take a producing role or maybe even both.

Which begs the question, why even slate both movies without Will being cast in the movie…? This is one remake that will fall apart without Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, no Will = no movie and Sony sure as hell can’t be taking these kind of risks after the year they’ve had so far at the box office.


The film is slated for release on February 17, 2017.

Sony chairman Tom Rothman said this slate of films represents “just the start” of making the company a more consistent supplier, after a troubled year for the studio that included a large-scale hacking attack and a year disappointing box office numbers like the latest Adam Sandler movie Pixels.