Why wait for Magic Leap? The AR revolution has already begun

News hit this week that secretive AR company Magic Leap has a valuation worth  $8 billion without even releasing a product yet. The company has given out secret tests to elite chosen celebrities and are now in the process of recruiting more developers with the aim to launch a product later this year. Their idea is to have augmented reality elements so realistic they are indistinguishable from real life. It’s a bold claim and we still don’t know if they can pull it off but with VC’s throwing money into this thing left, right and centre they must have something viable in the pipeline and that’s an interesting future, but why wait?

With Pokemon GO changing the world of Augmented Reality gaming as we know it last year and Novum Analytics releasing Night Terrors the Beginning last Halloween we are already taking steps forward into an augmented future. Pokemon GO has it’s GPS stlye playing system and now Night Terrors have added a room detection system that can tailor scares based on your movements and can detect when you are in a new room / environment and tailor scares based around your new playing field.

The future is already here so if you’re impatient like me and want to get stuck into the future right here and now, then you can’t go far wrong with either of them. When Magic Leap do finally come to market with their product it’ll only enhance what’s currently available and that makes me excited beyond words.

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