Why Bourne is Better Than Bond


(C) of Universal Pictures

Comparing Jason Bourne and James Bond is like comparing console games and mobile games. One is the trusted past and the other is the future that is taking over. We grew up with Bond as our ideal super spy. It is therefore understandable that most of us would still tip Bond as the ultimate super spy. However it is time that we accept the reality that we are faced with. Bourne is a new breed of super spy that is kicking butts and taking names. Read on as we continue to give evidence that Bourne is indeed better than Bond.

For starters Bourne is fighting against the system while Bond is the system. We will side the underdog any day of the week. It is the same reason we support Casino-Mate Australia Online Casino – AU $1400 FREE Casino Bonus mobile game developers over console game developers.

(C) of Universal Pictures

(C) of Universal Pictures

Bourne movies have more action than Bond movies. Jason will fight his way out of most situations with his bare fists while Bond will use fancy gadgets. Bourne movies are full of non-stop adrenalin pumping action. We are not saying that there is no action in Bond movies but Bond spends a lot of time “lazing” about while Bourne is always on the move. It is the pace in Bourne movies that makes us prefer them to Bond flicks.

Jason Bourne is you every day average guy while Bond is the personification of every guys dream. Driving fast cars and bedding hot chicks at a whim. There is more realism in Bourne than in Bond. Where Bond shows off his who he is to the entire world Bourne is genuinely sneaky.

It is undeniable that the fantasy offered by James Bond movies is attractive but the raw originality of Jason Bourne wins the day. It is our opinion that James Bond would be better theme for an online casino game than Jason Bourne. However, that is a discussion for another day and we are all not online casinos fans.

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