Who’s Driving Doug Review

Whos driving doug

Who’s Driving Doug revolves around a reclusive wheelchair-bound young man (Mitte) who goes against his over-bearing mothers wishes and takes a road trip with his new driver Scott (Ray Wiliam Johnson) and high school crush Stephanie (Paloma Kwiatkowski) that transforms their lives.

This movie pulled me left and right to the point where I looked like stretch armstrong, from a heartfelt drama to a light-hearted comedy, this movie strikes a nice balance between the two and makes you care about all characters involved. Back stories are few and far between but what the film lacks in depth it makes up for with heart, enthusiasm and careful structure.


Who’s Driving Doug really goes above and beyond, the movie starts with a almost reclusive-like Doug who is dealing with the hand he has being dealt in his own way, his character arc really lets his character break out of the box and explore the wider world and fulfil one of his dreams of visiting Las Vegas with some hilarious consequences along the way. RJ Mitte’s truly outstanding acting paints a picture from facial expressions alone let alone when delivering his crafted dialogue.

What the movie does cleverly is show Doug’s mind over-acting certain scenarios with often hilarious but sometimes more intimate results, it’s almost the contrast between the Doug that is bound to his chair, and the projection Doug who just wants to escape and say whats beating him up inside.

A beautiful tale of love, life, responsibility and coping with life when the odds are stacked again you, Who’s driving Doug is a heart-felt tale that tugs at the heart strings every step of the way.

Who’s Driving Doug is premiering at the Santa Barbara Film Festival on February 6th

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