What We Know about Spider-Man Homecoming

Spiderman Civil War

Tom Holland who played Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil war is donning the male genitalia eradicating suit for his first solo film.

Hollands performance as Spiderman puts him in the drivers seat to carry the solo movie and he was only in Civil War in an inflated cameo capacity. Spider-Man Homecoming will by no means be an origins story, we’ve had enough of them already but we do know it will be featuring Peter Parker at his high school age.

It’s safe to say with all the focus on spidey a new route needs to be taken that does indeed make it a stand-alone movie and not a continuation of any of the previous titles.

Rumour has it that Michael Keaton is tipped to play the villian of the movie and that Tony Stark will be helping Spidey with some brand new suit tech.

Either way, it’s new, sounds exciting and we cannot wait to see Tom Hollands performance in a drawn out, solo, feature length movie.