What if The Avengers had business cards?

Whatever your chosen vocation, be it eccentric billionaire, military strategist or hammer-wielding deity, a good, well-presented business card will make you look professional without losing your individuality. The following cards for our favourite Avengers say it all…

1.Captain America

Super-soldier Captain Steve Rogers has long been leading the ever-changing Avengers line-up so it makes sense to place him first in the queue. A perfect patriot and symbol of the American Dream, he has been accused of taking things a bit seriously at times…luckily for him, it’s generally frowned upon to swear on one’s business cards.

The following design takes the Cap’ and what he represents at face value. In Rogers’ (and the States’) trademark colours of red, white, and blue, they’re timeless, classic with a military-style font and 100% curse-free. No boastful taglines either: when you’re Captain America you don’t need to brag.


2. Hawkeye

Ah, how we do love the multi-talented S.H.I.E.L.D. enforcer Hawkeye aka Clint Barton. What he lacks in superpowers he more than makes up for in skill and determination. This guy’s in the peak of human condition for a non-super; he’s also arguably braver than the majority of his colleagues as he’s much more easily hurt

This stylish design for a business card sneaks in some of Clint’s more exceptional abilities – although Assassin, Marksman, Strategist and Good Guy are really just the icing on his cake.

2-hawkeyePistolet Galactique via Pinterest

3. The Hulk

With a pre-chosen emerald colour scheme and tag-line that more or less writes itself, it’s not too hard to envisage the green behemoth’s business cards. It is kind of difficult to imagine him handing them out, though; at least, not without crushing both card and recipient into a bloody, papery pulp.

So we like Pistolet Galactique’s approach in which Bruce Banner and “the other guy” each has a separate design, one of Banner’s fortes being anger management.

3-brucePistolet Galactique via Pinterest

The following card designed by Kaydee Asao also gets the point across. After all, Hulk Smash; what’s left to say?


Kaydee Asao

4. Iron Man

Did you know Stark Industries already had a confirmed business card design circa 2009? Well, they have, if this fansite is any judge.

5-starkVia Brent Sprecher

We doubt that Tony would go for a card so lacking in flash, though, so while the above might be acceptable for his HR team, something more would surely be required for the brash and annoyingly talented billionaire playboy/ engineer/know-it-all (insert more talents until satisfied). Something like this one, complete with a visual reference to the suit:


Casacurta Design

We also think it very likely that his card would do something clever just for the heck of it, like hover or deflect explosives just because it can, and would surely include the word ‘genius’ more than once.

5. Black Widow

Natasha Romanova, secret agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. and all-round lethal vixen, is more than just a pretty face – but her face is assuredly one of her best assets. She has skills in martial arts and ballet, is extremely calm in a crisis and holds the almost unique position of being able to calm the Hulk (Betty Ross was the only other person previously able to do this in the MCU).

The following card design is deadly yet elegant with specialties including “infiltration, subterfuge and assassination”. PS. No, Natasha will not show up naked, thanks for asking.

7-blackwidowPistolet Galactique via Pinterest

6. Thor

When your god isn’t coming to the rescue, there’s always Thor. Pledged to defend Earth from the evil-doings of his cunning but rather whingy half-brother Loki, the hammer-wielding immortal from planet Asgard is a founding member of the Avengers (according to MCU canon, at least).

As boastful as Stark but totally lacking the former’s sarcasm (such satirical skills were clearly lost to Loki’s side of the family), Thor’s card would no doubt list his many sobriquets – Son of Odin, God of Thunder, Sworn Guardian of the Nine Realms, Bearer of the Divine Hammer Mjolnir…actually that’s all a bit of a mouthful. Maybe this would do, check out the alternate contact details:


Mills Multimedia

If you wish to have some of the above cards made or come up with your own for your heroes we can recommend fastprint for business cards where you can create your design online

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