Wet Hot American Summer (2001) – Netflix Pick of the Week

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WHASWet Hot American Summer is a movie that you have to open yourself up to in order to fully appreciate – you must become one with its deliberate stupidity and gleeful absurdity. The film has developed enough of a cult following since its 2001 release (when it floundered at the box office and faced harsh critical reception) that Netflix reunited the cast this year to produce a follow-up series.

Set in a spectacularly exaggerated 1980s, the story unfolds over the final day of camp as campers and counsellors alike rush to fulfil their final summer dreams. Led by Janeane Garofalo as Camp Director, Wet Hot American Summer is packed with “before they were famous” performances from fresh faced versions of Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler and Elizabeth Banks. Bradley Cooper missed his theatre school graduation ceremony to be involved in the project, the first feature film of his career.
wethot-news1Wet Hot American Summer carries the same uncompromisingly silly torch that Airplane! ignited 20 years before. Its mix of one-liners, slapstick sound effects and downright goofiness is a perfect blend for guilty, juvenile laughs. Thirty year olds pretending to be seventeen, a can of vegetables that talks (voiced by Archer himself, H. Jon Benjamin) and kids being thrown out of vans. What more could you want from the ultimate parody of summer camp movies?

Written by James Excell
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Wet Hot American Summer is available to stream on Netflix in the UK & USA.