Welcome to Me Review


Welcome to Me is a dark ‘comedy’ (and I use that word lightly) about Alice (Kristen Wiig), a lady with a personality disorder who wins the lottery and creates a talk-show about herself.

I guess this movie has many underlying tones of what it means to live the American dream, mixed with the narcissistic and self obsessed world that we live in. We have Alice, who in her own little wonderland create a 2-hour live television show where she talks about herself.


Alice suffers with bipolar, narcissism, and manic-depression that is all portrayed to an audience through the TV, but beyond all the self promotion she just wants to be accepted, for people to understand her pain and at the end of the day wants to be loved, so in that regards Welcome To Me is a very strong portrayal of coping with a mental illness and the stigma surrounding the people who treat others with such illness’s.

The film is at no point laugh out loud funny, so for it to be classed as a dark-comedy is far beyond me. It draws out far too long for me, as a film it’s not great, as a message delivering service for mental-illness awareness it’s brilliant.


it would be interesting to know others thoughts on this, I just couldn’t quite get my head around it from top to bottom. It’s probably too smart for my little brain to handle, like Inception all over again.