We Take a Closer Look At Abnormal Attraction

Abnormal Attraction Meeting Poster (Coming Soon)

So the crazy guys over at Fuzz on The Lens production have been keeping their feature film Abnormal Attraction very close to their chests, not much has been released, discussed, talked about. Everything is all very private. I took this opportunity to put on my private detectives hat, grabbed my monocle and searched for more information on this very private affair.

From Abnormal Attractions IMDB page we know for sure that this film stars a plethora of talent including Malcolm Mcdowell, Leslie Easterbrook, Eileen Ditz, Bruce Davison and Tyler Mane and that’s just to name a few.

This week a retro style poster was released for the movie that gives us a little insight into the crazy minds of the guys over at fuzz on the lens.

Here’s what we know about the synopsis so far.

In a world where fairy tales are much more than tales, monsters and humans are forced to live alongside one another. Much like in our world, many people find it possible to peacefully coexist together, however there are plenty who feel otherwise. Nick Lane is one of the few people who stand in the middle and try to bring both sides closer together instead of pushing them further apart. However, when the tension that has been building between both sides reaches its breaking point, the middle isn’t necessarily the best place to be. Nick’s morals are tested and his own weaknesses are revealed as all these problems come closer to home.




From a film title that sounds like a beauty and the beast type love story we find out that Abnormal attraction is a meeting of monsters and how monsters can co-exist with one another. In AA mythical creatures are the reality, allowing the audience to see their favorite fairy tale characters in a new light. These are the same characters everybody knows, but they are living just like humans, which allows for an entirely new comedic perspective; similar to Shrek, Monsters Inc. or Who Framed Roger Rabbit but done in a more adult manner. For the most part, this has not been done before. Having said this, through all the uniqueness of the story there is still popular humor that any audience will enjoy as well as meaningful, relatable themes that carry very relevant moral lessons.

Beyond the individuality of the storyline, is the individuality of AA’s structure. The film’s story is told in a way that isn’t seen anywhere else. As AA unfolds we follow the three seemingly unrelated storylines of characters that all have different outlooks on life and different lessons to learn. These three storylines are seamlessly woven together, allowing the audience to learn about each key character while at the same time learning more about the remainder of the story.’

The guys over at Fuzz provided us with some brand new unseen imagery and we’re proud to be showcasing it here on Back to the Movies. We can’t wait to see this when it’s released but as with everything else this project has served up, the release date is also a secret too!