Way Down in Chinatown

Stills7So an early Thursday morning and I open my inbox to an email from good friend and film star Maria Olsen who tells me about a film she has co-produced called Way Down in Chinatown, a horror, noir, Sci Fi flick shot in black and white..

Instantly my mind shut off, I have nothing against black and white films but it takes some sheer dedication for me to enjoy black and white films and it would have to be something amazingly iconic for me to enjoy it, but never the less I gritted my teeth and sat down to watch.

So Way Down in Chinatown as just mentioned is shot mostly in black and white.  It has elements of horror, noir and Sci Fi and is both hilariously funny and grotesquely creepy at the same time.  It was made partly as an homage to great pictures like Metropolis and Nosferatu and partly as an apocalyptic end-of-the-world fable.  It is, though, primarily the story of two normal people, Victor and Jessica Mitchum, who, one day, are made an offer they can’t refuse…
So the story begins with Victor and Jessica Mitchum with Victor working away on his typewriter before his wife Jessica bursts through the door to alert them that they have been given a grant to write a screenplay, ideas are flowing and the casting begins.
The audition scene is dreadful, the acting is poor all round from everyone involved the opening scene showed great promise with high emotions running but the audition scene seemed to drag on with poor acting, poor responses and an overall cheap feel to the film which was disappointing. To add insult to injury an ear shattering sound effect played on repeat that’s suppose to cause tension, mystery, insight turned out to be nothing of the previous only a headache as a result, this sound effect repeats often throughout the film adding to my annoyance further.
Now Victor was writing a screenplay about an apocalypse and as the casting call scene is now finally over it reverts to a radio announcement that speaks of an incoming threat to the world as if Victor’s story is coming to life. After that the story doesn’t really dwell into much about the apocalypse it just races off into more madness.
I’m not sure what the film came too after this, I lost track the story veers off from one context to the next and quite frankly I lost interest, if a film is too out there for me then theirs not much I can do to change that.
Sorry guys I really tried to like and enjoy this but It just isn’t a film for me, I’m sure others out there may love these kind of films but its a ‘No Go’ zone for me

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