Can 3D movies improve your IQ? BTTM finds out

RealD have carried out a series of tests at Vue cinemas examining the brain power of movie-goers after they watched films in 3D. The experiment found that watching films in 3D actually helps improve the viewer’s IQ and brain power.

Some of the most interesting findings include:

  • Participants experienced a 23% increase in cognitive processing
  • Reaction times were improved by 11%
  • Watching a film in 3D gives the brain a “boost” that can last up to 20 minutes after viewing
  • Improvement in reaction time was five times higher as a result of viewing content in 3D versus 2D content

I was personally invited down to Vue Cinemas in Piccadily to test out this claim so let’s see how it went!

I approached the cinema and people were wandering around in jumpsuits so naturally I assume there had been some sort of radioactive leak but no, it turns out to be Thrill Laboratory are in town and they’ve set up some brain tests for me to try out!

Now after waking up at 5am to catch the train to London, I feel as thou my brain isn’t in the best condition to be tested on right now, I’m half asleep, I’m tired, groggy and my social skills are a series of moans and grunts.

I am placed infront of a PC and do a variety of memory tests and reaction tests, this all went by in the blink of an eye as my brain is still struggling to wake up from my long journey.

Next I sit down and have a headset placed over my head that can only be described as cerebro from the X-Men films. This device with multiple electrodes attached clamped down over my skull and I’m guided into a dark cinema. Will Professor Xavier jump out and ask me to aid him in his quest to locate all of the mutants? Who knows..


We were shown a 2D movie and then guided through to another screen to watch a 3D movie. Once I had been unplugged from the matrix, I took a similar test but this time suprisingly my brain seemed more alert and I was able to do my tasks more quickly and efficiently, whether or not I did those tasks correctly remains to be seen but I was able to think more clearly.

Was this just the simple process of my brain waking up? Or are these guys onto something with their 3D to brain wave patterns research?

Once this was completed my brain was turned into a 3D image and you can see my live brain scans when watching a 3D movie, you can view my brain lighting up like the 4th of July below.

Either-way it was a fun day out, I’m still a little wary that all of my thoughts have been downloaded onto a hard-drive in a menacing experiment using me as some inconversant lab rat, but the fact still remains that 3D is a dying breed of cinema, so could this test could just be a way of revitalising it’s popularity, hmm, let us know your thoughts!