Was Fear Clinic 2 Just Confirmed With Corey Taylor Attached?


Aaron Drane writer of the original web-series and the first Fear Clinic movie posted something on Twitter today that got me rather excited.

In reply to a Corey Taylor fan page tweet, Aaron confirmed that a sequel is in the works starring none other than Corey Taylor.


Nothing is ever set in stone but it would be very exciting to see Corey reprise his role of Bauer in the second installment after his character made a lucky escape in the first film. Fear Clinic was Corey’s first movie acting role and he was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Fear Clinic split Horror opinion down the middle after it’s release with some loving it’s bold unique take on fear, phobias and amazing SPFX courtesy of Steve Johnson and Robert Kurtzman; while other opinions were more contrasted with people finding certain lighting sequences in the movie to be quite hard to watch, but in our review we felt that these added to the experience of an audience immersive fear therapy exposure.

You can check out our review HERE

Will the famous mustache be making a return?

Either way this is very exciting news and with me working on the first movie, I hope and pray I’m signed up for the second, easily one of the best experiences of my life with the nicest group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and a group of fans that were above and beyond amazing!

Watch this space.

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