Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer

Thanks to the wonderful event that is San Diego Comic-Con, we were treated a couple of days ago to the first glimpse of season 5 of AMCs critically acclaimed The Walking Dead.

Looking like it follows up pretty quickly on the cliffhanger we were dealt at the end of season 4, there is a feeling that the pace is set to continue frantically as Rick and company find themselves at the mercy of the residents of the much hyped Terminus.

We each probably have our own ideas of the newcomers and the sinister scenario that was Terminus. Especially if you’ve read the comics, and season 5 looks to be adding elements of what we may already be thinking and fleshing it out in that way we’ve seen so many times before. Tweaking it, twisting it till it becomes a much different beast, whilst at the same time having a familiar feeling.

Check out the trailer below and let us know your impressions from this first look.

The Walking Dead season 5 starts on AMC in the US on Sunday the 12th of October, then on Fox in the UK on Monday the 13th of October.

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