Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere ‘No Sanctuary’ Breakdown & Review


So we left Season 4 with the majority of the gang trapped in a shipping container at Terminus, the not so safe refuge for survivors. For me the shipping container represented the survival of the fittest mentality that the world had become, the solitary confinement, the animalistic persona’s that take over that throw you from one end of normality to the edge of insanity.

Rick utters the chilling words that end Season 4 with “They’re going to feel pretty stupid when they find out”. “Find out what?” Abraham asks. “They’re fucking with the wrong people.” After the last line is delivered we fast forward six months to the premiere of Season 5, will Rick and his comrades escape? Will Carol, Tyreese and baby Judith make their way to the trap of Terminus? Here is Back to the Movies Season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead review !

Before the season started we knew a whirlwind of events would transpire, I mean look at the opening season 3 episode, poor Hershel gets his leg chopped off instantly ! Season 4 see’s Cara launching at Rick to chop him up into zombie chow down and the amazing helicopter scenes in the mall. We know the opening episode will not disappoint but we always had it in mind that a main character would potentially be killed off instantly, to give that shock and awe value and to give the audience the realism once again that no one is safe in this world.


The group is lined up for the slaughter, first up three unknowns, Rick,Daryl, Bob and Glenn and then Sam the young man that Carol and Rick ran into on their travels, the boyfriend of the lovely Ana who unfortunately gets eaten. Everyone is all lined up ready for the baseball bat and slit throat treatment. Poor Sam is first up for the execution line and gets cut open within the first four minutes of the show. No big surprise there, he wasn’t a main character but it does open up the idea that possibly Glenn might be the first main character to face the cut, he’s fifth in line to be executed, but in a twist of fate the moment Glenn is about to meet his maker, a nice explosion follows and gives Glenn just that little bit longer in the show. The comic books display Glenn dying very soon around this time in conjunction with the show, will the makers keep his wonderful character alive that long? Only time will tell.


The scene changes as we are now following Tyreese, baby Judith and Carol as they’re currently following the tracks to Terminus. Suddenly a heard of Zombies force them off the road, they can hear gunfire coming from the direction of Terminus and decide to head down an alternative route to play it safe. Along the way they overhear a man in the forest talking on his radio about killing Michonne and Carl, they instantly capture this man and tie him up in an abandoned cabin knowing now that Terminus is not a safe place to be heading too. Tyreese and Carol’s relationship is naturally tested and strained after Carol’s admittance to killing Karen and David back at the prison and then Carol making the decision to shoot Lizzy after she went bat shit crazy. Tyreese has fought up the courage to forgive but not to forget, he’s playing it cautious as he knows what Carol is capable, all trust that was there originally has now vanished entirely but they know they must stick together for the sake of baby Judith’s safety.


The next segment we shall call Carol’s camouflage as she dons a rather fetching gore soaked rag and covers her face in mud, guts and blood to blend in with the zombies as she heads to Terminus leaving Tyreese in the cabin with their captor. We then find out that Carol was the person who caused the Terminus explosion giving Glenn, Rick, Daryl and Bob them precious moments extra to survive. A nice shot of a gas tank mixed with a strategically shot firework and Terminus opens up like the gates of hell, letting the hoard of zombies that Carol and Tyreese avoided previously to storm through the walls of the compound. Carol is well and truly becoming the bad ass of the show in this segment as she’s single handed, saving everyone’s bacon!


Now that Daryl, Bob, Glenn and Rick are free they make their escape realizing if they didn’t know already that the humans were being chopped up and used as the dish of the day to feed the people of Terminus, as they grab their makeshift weapons they go on their mission to find and release the others, dodging the gunfire of Terminus guards and the hoard of zombies currently taking over the grounds. In the meantime the captured Terminus hostage makes a last stand and manages to get in a position where he is able to kill Judith, making Tyreese surrender his weapons in the process and instructing him to go outside to the onslaught of incoming zombies, Tyreese naturally does as he is told but a man who can fight off around 100 zombies with a hammer has no problem of disposing of a few walkers and comes flying back into the cabin to beat the living hell out of the captor. Tyreese is a peaceful man but with one flick of a switch he turns into a machine of rage and he becomes a deadly weapon capable of just about anything. His hidden rage with Carol, his hidden rage over the loss of Karen and on top of that the threat to baby Judith’s life drives him over the edge. I wouldn’t of liked to of been on the end of that brutal UFC style beat-down! In this moment I feel as thou Tyreese can understand why Carol had to do what she did and why things need to be done.

Rick rescues the remaining survivors in the shipment container including Michonne, Carl, Glenn, Eugene, Sasha, Abraham and Tara. They make their escape through the sea of zombies using customized wooden weapons they have forged inside the container.  The escape from Terminus begins !

There is a wonderful shot of Terminus on fire, an almost replica moment to the season 4 scene where the Prison is also in ruin, the characters make their way over the Terminus fence and don’t look back, this shot in itself shows the rise and fall of each group of survivors, doing what they feel in their own twisted way is the only way to survive, but as one colony rises, another colony falls. Its a never-ending circle that always forces our main protagonists right back onto their original Season 1 and 2 journey. Being in the wild, standing on your own two feet and grouping together as survivors on the road. A very strong message of bonding, friendship, loyalty and respect.Daryl and Carol

Carol emerges from the forest to meet the survivors and a lovely moment between Daryl and Carol really puts the icing on the cake, Daryl still unaware however that Carol was behind the killings of Karen and David. Never the less a lovely moment which brings Carol back into the mix once again, Rick’s gratitude that Carol has saved not only his life but Carl’s and the rest of the gang, puts aside his differences with Carol and embraces her with a hug of his own. A message strongly portrayed as it just redefines the solidarity the group the will to survive, and no matter what happens they all look out for one another no matter the costs.

The group head back to meet Tyrese as he emerges from the cabin holding baby Judith, the reunion between Rick and his daughter is heart warming, the reunion between Sasha and Tyreese likewise. These people  have been on their separate journey’s wondering if their loved ones are alive or dead, this moment brings everyone together to share in the small glimpse of happyness that they can have in this world.

Daryl and Crol

I cannot think of a more perfect way to start a series, the episode is only 43 minutes long yet the amount of detail, action and storyline makes you feel as thou you’ve watched at least a two hour special. It has its ups and downs, its twists and turns but you’re driven along the ride and wow, what a start to what looks to be a very good season of The Walking Dead!

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