Vue Step Up Ahead of Their Competition with The Luxury Recliner


You look at the title, say to yourself. Here’s that Sean Evans again promoting a sponsored post for another cinema chain. But wait. More fool you! I actually went to Vue on a random cinema trip and stumbled upon this luxury new addition and thought, I must cover this! Although I do prefer Vue to Odeon, Cineworld, AMC and all the other chains so Vue, if you’re reading, hook me up!

Vue cinema in Newcastle Under Lyme are usually way behind the times. We had 4k screens installed much later than other Vue cinema’s in the country and even now the screen quality isn’t what you’d consider 4k by any means BUT we now finally have electric recliner chairs (from an advert first aired in Summer 2016) and this my friends, is the height of movie loving luxury.

Sit down and relax as soft leather forms around you. Put your feet up and recline back – yes, all the way back – until you find your perfect viewing angle, unique to you.

The Vue Luxury Recliner

Vue Recliner

You have a little swivel table that you can host all of your drinks and snacks on, and these two beautiful little silver buttons that when pressed takes you from a standard comfy leather chair, to a lack back comatosed state of relaxation. It’s so comfy, there is more room in the screens to relax, more than enough space for people to walk past when the chairs are fully reclined also. It really is a step up and when all of the lights go out and the movie beings. You could be sitting at home for all you know, whisked away in the comfort of the chair and about to Vue (see what I did there?) the latest blockbuster.

I saw both Baywatch and The Mummy in these recliner chairs and i’m pretty sure I gave them an extra star in my review because of the sheer tranquil bliss I was experiencing. If I was in an uncomfatable chair such as the ones in *cough, cough* Odeon Hanley *cough, cough* then i’m sure I wouldn’t have enjoyed the film as much.

Vue Recliner


The best thing about this luxury seating experience thou however is the price. It hasn’t changed! It’s still under £7 to see a film at Newcastle Under Lyme’s Vue cinema and that is just mind blowingly good value. Some of the nacho’s and hot dogs at the concession stand are more than the ticket prices so make sure you eat before you get there. Grab a drink before you go in and taadaa. One cheap day or night out. Now if this was a sponsored post I’d be happily nudging you towards taking out a mortgage and spending it on a wide variety of Vue snacks, treats and beverages and making sure you super size those bitches!

Everytime I go to the cinema now, instead of empty battered seats I now see a full house, all relaxing and enjoying these beautiful seats. I hope they don’t get damaged and are maintained regularly. I can see kids faffing around with the recliners making them go up and down. But if they’re looked after and taken care of. All is well in the world and i’ll be one happy customer.

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