Vesper Short Film Review


French short film Vesper tells the story of Marge Ofenbey. A woman who isolates herself in her own home after fleeing her sinister and manipulative husband. She asks her nephew Christian for help but there is more than meets the eye. What is Marge hiding and why is she so afraid of the stars?

Agnes Godey who plays the character Marge gives me serious Rosamund Pike vibes. They’re so strong and vibrant that it actually distracted me throughout the duration of the movie. Similar acting style, similar in appearance, you name it. That alone freaked me out for the duration.

This short is a strange one to judge. It sets a dark, dull, sinister and solemn mood throughtout. This pace never increases or decreases it just kind of sails at the pace it has set since the beginning.

I liked how the mood is portrayed but I feel as thou the film is very over-acted in parts and although it’s belivable in most parts I can’t seem to draw myself in deeper. I feel quite isolated from the film and I don’t feel related to the characters or bothered about their outcome or circumstance.

Maybe it’s just my taste in films but I didn’t feel as hooked as I should have been. I did however love the cinematography, the use of filters to paint mood and the dark feel to the short it’s just a shame I didn’t feel more involved or captivated by the experience.

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