Vagary is the upcoming, and very first feature film from JERKS Productions, a Philadelphia based film company who specialize in horror, art and the all out weird! Vagary is a Tales From the Crypt style horror film where three people are invited to a strange dinner by their host Belmont where they are reminded on their past sins. Belmont is our host, a Victorian styled, well mannered gentleman with a devious mindset and a creepy book of stories. Anthony, the eldest of the group is your typical metal-head music man, wise and takes no shit from anyone. Brad, our jock/jerk character who attends Belmont’s party just something to do. And lastly we have Tiffany, who just returned back to her hometown and is still adjusting with her slight uneasy attitude.

We are in early pre-production raising money with the help of our Indiegogo page, , please help us out and share and donate to our page to help us make our first feature length film! Be sure to check out all the awesome perks that we have to offer for those who donate! Also be sure to like us on Facebook and follow with the updates!