Unearthly Review


After his daughter disappears in search of a mystic medallion, Malcolm vows to get her back even if that means entering a zone full of unspeakable evils, horrific creatures and images that haunt his nightmares.

Right so my buddy Rob McCallum directed, wrote and produced this film and I’ve got to say hes done a mighty fine job with this feature film. Unearthly truly is a stand out independent flick with a nice storyline and a great concept behind it.

The film starts out slow but builds steadily into the quest for the medallion and things start to heat up, there is a good amount of tension and build up between scenes and the film flows smoothly from one scene to another. The quest for the medallion is relatively short, thou however, everyone seems to know where they are going which is a bit of a shame as this part of the film could of been exploited more into an actual quest rather than a linear storyline but that aside its interesting to watch.

The scenery is superb, great pans, great landscapes the visuals really are top notch and the location in which the film is set cannot be faulted. A great choice by the film makers and well shot on camera, looking even more beautiful in HD!

The characters blend well and they are somewhat believable, some of the acting is ropey in parts but as the film progresses the characters bond well and the storyline becomes more believable. With pieces of the medallion discovered they unlock supernatural beings, as soon as the CGI came up it reminded me of the rod puppet from Alien 3 and how it was digitally added to the film, I wasn’t much for this in Alien so I wasn’t too fond of it in Unearthly and the CGI fairies and the huge spider creature looked somewhat unfinished, this is part of the film I couldn’t take seriously as the CGI was poor, nevertheless it’s an independent film so for an indy flick it isn’t a bad job at all.

My judgement of CGI was all too sudden as a huge fire creature pours out of the depths of a lava pit towards the end of the film, now that’s what I’m talking about! The creature looked awesome, he had some cheesy CGI movements but the detail on him was extraordinary,  this instantly made up for the poor creatures that I had seen previously.

Unearthly is a superb thrill ride, the music builds up great suspense, the film has a good  feeling atmosphere and I’d recommend it to any indy film lover. If the CGI was perfected I could see this as a best seller, but as it stands its a great flick non the less in which cast and crew should be proud.