Uncharted will be getting a movie adaptation

Uncharted_logoNews is spreading that Sony have officially announced the release date for the much anticipated Uncharted movie adapatation, with rumours circling the web that Mark Wahlberg is the studios favourite to land the coveted role of Nathan Drake.

June 10th 2016 is the date doing the rounds, the release date originally intended for The Amazing Spiderman 3, which has now been bumped to a 2018 release.

Although Wahlberg appears to be the man Sony are chasing, both Sony and Wahlberg’s representatives claim “nothing has happened”, so very much a case of watch this space.12-15-mark-wahlberg-ftr

Exciting news for fans of the PlayStation exclusive series, but who would you like to see filling the shoes of Naughty Dogs intrepid explorer?

Let us know and comment below.

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