Uncharted: Whence the Devil Came


Uncharted: Whence the Devil Came- a brand new fan film from Iron Horse Cinema

Fresh off the viral success of their The Last of Us fan film trilogy, Iron Horse Cinema will release a new film based on the videogame Uncharted. With its release on YouTube in February, the project promises to give fans of the franchise the film they deserve.

To honor this promise, the Iron Horse team has painstakingly researched and developed an original screenplay that will do justice to the critically acclaimed videogame series. They chose such an ambitious project because of their love for Uncharted. Iron Horse Cinema took great care in hiring its cast and crew. Nathan Drake will be played by the multi-talented and award winning actor Ed Trucco. Garlan Green, a 40-year veteran of the industry, will portray Victor “Sully” Sullivan. Finally, actor Jeff Moffitt will play the villain Bill Drummond. Moffitt comes off the heels of winning Best Actor at the 2014 Long Beach International Film Festival for his role in the Iron Horse Cinema original feature film Kingdom Come. The Iron Horse crew utilizes years of production experience, while boasting award nominations themselves.

STARRING Ed Trucco, Garlan Green, Jeff Moffitt, Steve Komito, and Darrin Biss. WRITTEN BY Craig Helfer. DIRECTED BY Sy Cody White & Craig Helfer. SOUND BY Sasha Larco. VISUAL EFFECTS/EDITED BY Sy Cody White. PRODUCTION STAFF Mike Sgroi, Max Zammit, Dave Weber, Karen Vana-Grecco, Nick Sgroi, Ryan Moffitt, Scott Bolger, and Jamie Tyson.

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