Tyler Ward joins us !


WHAT? I hear you cry, a musician on a movies page!! But this guy is no ordinary musician we caught up with music sensation Tyler Ward and asked him a few questions about his rise to stardom and we HAD to feature it on our page!


When did you first start playing songs and doing covers, what first motivated you to publish them onto YouTube? I started uploading covers sometimes in 2008…wow that’s a long time ago! When I discovered Youtube I quickly found a band named Boyce Avenue and they inspired me to share my own unique take on covers with whomever wanted to watch 🙂 Can’t believe it’s grown so much since then!
The variety of covers that you perform is it hard to transcribe a song by ear, is it a talent that can be learnt easily or does it take years of music theory to get it nailed down? I take pride in being able to cover multiple genres. I love so many different types of music, and it’s really cool to see my fans respond to a Bruno Mars cover and then a country cover like “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line. Some covers take a longer to develop and really find my voice in the song. 
Fans from across the world support your music, what does it feel like knowing you have such a loyal backing behind you and the music you produce? I know many other artists have said this before about fans, but MY FANS have literally changed my life. They have literally given me a real job in music, and every day I remember how blessed I am and how thankful I am for them all! I would just be a kid from his parent’s basement making videos without them 🙂
Working with Jason Derulo on The Other Side must of been great, a real stand out name in the music business and for me personally it sounds better than the original ! How did that happen? who got in touch with who? and how did it feel looking at the final composition when it was all complete ? Thank you for the kind words! I was approached by his label to cover the song, and I really wanted to make sure that I captured his energy in my cover. He might actually use that acoustic track I produced so that would be really cool! I think shooting in the Youtube space in LA really made the video an easy shoot for both Jason and myself…that dude is so talented! Definitely one of the big highlights of my career!
Out of all the artists you have ever worked with, who would you consider your favorite, who was the most diverse? and who provided the biggest challenge for you and why? Like the songs I write, I don’t have one favorite or anything…all are different and inspire in new ways! I am really loving working with this new band from Colorado TWO WORLDS. Crazy musical talent and their vocals are spot on. I love working with other artists, and Alex G, Jono, Katy McAllister, Eppic, Heather Janssen, Josie, Two Worlds, Jess Moskaluke are def people to watch out for!
What advice would you give to future songwriters or cover artists that are aspiring to be where you are today? Always work as hard as you can, and never settle for mediocrity. With covers you have to find your unique voice. With writing original songs you have to be writing all the time, and find great creative partners to balance the process 🙂
Will you be coming to the UK anytime soon? Yes! It has been too long since I’ve been in the UK. I hope to tour later this year in November 🙂
Without the instant Youtube success where do you think you’d be right now? Probably a gym teacher at a middle school 🙂 
So there it is guys, a musician who is rising to fame yet is still so down to earth ! Check out the music video he did with Jason Derulo RIGHT HERE and SUBSCRIBE to his YouTube page.