Twinkies Get The Slime Treatment


To celebrate the release of Ghostbusters this week, Innovative Bites have partnered with Sainsbury’s and transformed the Twinkie into a truly spooky snack, complete with key lime flavoured green filling, which in all honesty looks about as appealing as eating your own snot… just saying.

 The new ‘Key Lime Slime’ Ghostbusters-themed treat is in addition to the existing Twinkies range – Original, Banana and Chocolate. Exclusive to Sainsbury’s, the Limited Edition snack is available in more than 200 stores throughout the UK priced at £3.50 (multipack of 10).

 Twinkies featured in the very first Ghostbusters movie in 1984, when Egon used the golden sponge snack in an analogy to explain psychokinetic energy.

Will you dare to try the gooey green centre?