Truth or Dare Review

New Truth or Dare PosterFinally we’ve managed to get our hands on the Jessica Cameron Horror Truth or Dare a film about six college kids as their sore to internet stardom after posting various  “Truth or Dare” videos on the internet with a violent twist. What starts out as fun and games slowly turns sinister as their number one fan decides he wants to play by his own rules in his own game of Truth or Dare.

I love the concept of this movie, especially with the growing culture of groups trying to make it big on YouTube by pushing the boundaries, pushing their limits and doing it all to get those views, to get noticed, to be stars. The movie starts out with some incredibly annoying title scenes but once they finally disappear you can see the movie has a nice quality feel too it, it is well shot and instantly you’re thrown straight into the story.

The intro however does feel a little rushed as within the opening 15 minutes of the movie we’re already at the sinister stage within the storyline, there wasn’t much build up to this scene, more of an instantaneous action that has propelled the cast into their first dilemma. I did like the unpredictable nature of this however I do feel the slightest bit more back story focused around theTruth or Dare team would of given the event more substance, and therefore add to the scary nature of the events which are happening on screen.

As the new altered Truth or Dare takes place there is a nice tension and tone about the game, there is a slight nod and wink to the Saw series I feel here with the whole game set up, but Truth or Dare have added that multiple choice that adds the new dimension to the game. As the group slowly start learning about each other in ways they had never imagined, the movie starts building nicely around this, convincing acting, gut wrenching tasks and a nice suspense keep you watching and hooked for what the next Truth or Dare challenge may be


Now the film is a joy to watch but the one thing that struck me as odd was that these guys seem as thou they have been friends a while throughout creating these videos and therefore should know everything about one another as best friends should. So when it comes to them revealing their most hidden secrets the rest of the group are none the wiser, putting into question the strength of their friendship in the first place. This seemed to be my blurred line in an otherwise straight forward movie.

Ryan Kiser puts in a stand out performance as Derik so he gets full credit from us, he kept us watching from start to finish and his character was an all out nut job which is always fun to watch. The ending for me was a slight let down as things just spiral out of control with craziness there isn’t much sense or reasoning to it but all in all its a good movie.

The fact that a fun game was taken and warped into a sick twisted game of life or death is fantastic, and even in the midst of all the chaos the group still have the odd few moments of camaraderie and comedy. This film is worth the watch for the cup shooting scene alone, well done Jessica Cameron and everyone involved. You’ve made quite an exciting indie movie here!

I dare YOU to watch it

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