Transformers: The Last Knight IMAX Featurette

In anticipation of Transformers: The Last Knight, IMAX and Paramount have created a featurette celebrating a decade of technology and innovation that has been spurred by the Transformers franchise. The featurette includes never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage from the upcoming film, as well as commentary from Director Michael Bay who has been a key partner to IMAX in providing creative guidance to push its technology further. This Transformers IMAX Featurette will play in front of IMAX showings of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!

Michael Bay has always been an IMAX innovator and the two have worked together to push the boundaries of IMAX’s technology to deliver thrilling and truly immersive movie-going experiences for fans. For example, in 2014, Michael Bay was the first Hollywood director to ever use IMAX’s new ultra-light-weight 3D digital camera. At less than half the weight of other 3D camera systems, the technology allowed Michael Bay to secure 3D shots never possible before (including car chases, helicopter shots and even sending the cameras down buildings). Michael Bay will be the first filmmaker to ever strap two of IMAX’s new ALEXA IMAX 2D digital cameras into a 3D rig on Transformers: The Last Knight.