Top movie stars and their horses

It’s no surprise that our favourite movie stars like to spend their money on some fairly outlandish indulgences. But there are a select few who put aside their hard-earned cash into horses, and here are some prime examples.




The pop singer and star of Evita might be more known for her work behind the microphone, but she’s also a budding horse enthusiast. And despite being injured in a fall on her 47th birthday, Madonna still takes great pride in her collection of top class horses.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole_Kidman_2012_croppedThe Australian star is famous for her passion for horses. Whilst filming for the epic Australia, she learned how to ride like a ranch hand and went on to purchase a rural cattle ranch. She also performed her own riding stunts in the 1992 film Far And Away.

Brad Pitt


The heartthrob recently made a surprising addition to his French estate in Aix-en-Provence when he bought six Shetland Ponies for the children and a horse for his wife Angelina Jolie.

Johnny Depp


The star of Sleepy Hollow apparently was so enamoured with the film’s lead horse that he saved him from the slaughterhouse. The one-eyed horse who plays the character Gunpowder was due to be destroyed after the production finished, but Depp stepped in and has given the horse a very happy home.

Steven Spielberg



The famous director not only gave horses the leading role in his film War Horse, but is also renowned for owning several racehorses that went on to compete in the famous American horse race The Kentucky Derby. And if you want to keep up with the latest horse racing action, then check out some of the great odds currently being offered.

Elizabeth Hurley


The Austin Powers star is not only highly glamorous, but her collection of racehorses are pretty glamorous too! Several of her thoroughbreds have competed at the top levels of racing, and one was even sold to the Royal Family!

Viggo Mortensen

Viggo_Mortensen_2012The Lord of the Rings actor is one of Hollywood’s most famous horse enthusiasts. After adopting two of the horses he rode in the fantasy epic, he even went on to write an equine themed book entitled ‘The Horse Is Good’.

Telly Savalas

370px-Telly_Savalas_Kojak_1973Not all film stars managed to have the luck of Telly Savalas. Not only did he land lead roles in famous films such as The Dirty Dozen and Kelly’s Heroes, but he also owned several racehorses, one of which went on to win the California Derby in 1976.

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