Top 4 Travel films

To have the chance to make a journey is one of the great delights in life. From adventures into the unknown to the opportunity to see new sights and to learn new things – these are all aspects of travel that make it so enticing.

Sadly, we don’t all take the opportunity to travel. Some may not want to, others just can’t find the time to do so. There are even a few who would prefer a mental journey of such, to be taken elsewhere in your mind, like when reading a book, or watching a film.

Travel films are great for both. They can take us on places we would never normally go to, the best take us on a journey of both mind and body. Let’s take a look at the top four travel movies, to see where they take us.

4.  The Motorcycle Diaries
Based on the memoirs of a young Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, the Motorcycle Diaries recount the travels through South America, between a 23 year old Che, and his best friend Alberto Granado.


The film captures the essence of the book phenomenally, as we are taken across one of the most beautiful and under-appreciated continents in the world. From Argentina through to Venezuela we are shown the gorgeous landscapes of South America, including the likes of the Andes.

The 5,000 trips not only covers the physical travel and journey of two young men trying to find their way in life, but also the profound change of their own personal lives. Just look at what Che Guevara ended up doing with his life.

This one will have you itching to find the hidden gems of South America.

3. In Bruges

Set in the beautifully picturesque City of Bruges Belgium, we are given a small an intimate look at one of Europe’s most delightful locations.

Film Title: In Bruges

A black comedy about two Irish hit men who are hiding out in Bruges, waiting for further instructions from their crazy gangster boss. Bruges feels like one of the characters of the film, it’s the talking point for much of the film. Colin Farrell’s character routinely mocks the place, whilst the psychotic Ralph Fiennes is an advocate of its beauty.

Gorgeously shot, it captures the beauty of the city brilliantly, and with a great story of redemption, laced with outrageous black humour, this is one that will get you wanting to plan a stop off in no time.

2. Lost in Translation

Taking us on a journey to the east, this comedy stars all-time great Bill Murray, as an aging actor in Japan, who happens across college graduate Scarlett Johansson and the unexpected romance that blossoms.


The setting of Japan is very much the essence of the film, as it is the main plot device. Murray is there to shoot a commercial and receive a bumper pay check in doing so. Johansson is there with her photographer husband who on an assignment in Tokyo – whose stunning cityscape is beautifully shot.

It also captures an aspect of travel often overlooked. Being in a foreign land and how being ‘lost in translation’ is very much part of the journey. You won’t speak every language, so it will have an effect on your travels, maybe for better, maybe for worse. It always helps to meet someone who is also in your shoes

 1. Into the Wild

This poignant story recaptures the real life travels of Christopher McCandless, a man who wanted to give up the normal day to day conventions of life for an adventure of true proportions.


A recent college graduate who decides to give up his life savings and make for the Alaskan wilderness, to try his hand at survival, and see if he can find a true purpose to life.

A true travel film in that in conveys the entire aspect of travel, the good and the bad. From random encounters on his way to his main destination to the experiences Christopher have getting there, to the tragic outcome, this is a very thought provoking, about what it means to travel.

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