Top 3 of World’s Best Poker Movies That Will Make the Gambler in You Scream Out Loud!


I’m willing to bet my last pair of pants on you falling in love with these 3 jaw-dropping poker movies.

These cinematic marvels are just the treat for adrenalin-hungry viewers and here’s why:

  • They are creative
  • They are smartly written
  • The humor in them is hilarious
  • They all have twists and turns all over the plot in just the right places to keep you hungry for more

Minor disclaimer: these films are pure fiction and it’s not encouraged to follow the footsteps of the characters, regardless of how charming and witty they are.

Real gambling is for professionals. It’s more like science. Art, luck and any other idealistic assumption have nothing to do with victory; skill is all that matters. There are plenty of sources online you can check out if you want to get real with cards. The Casinority australian guide is a fine example, but trust me, there’s more out there! Nobody is going to get deep into this here, though. This article is about amazing movies!

Now, let’s cut the rubbish and get to the point with the number 1 pick…



The 1994 classic – Maverick – brought poker movies into an entirely new level. Ok, you can say whatever you want about Mel Gibson and his personal opinions regarding racial issues. It’s your right, but you’ll have to admit one thing – the guy’s a hell of an actor.

The events of the film are set in the Wild West. Mel is our protagonist – a charming professional gambler on a quest to raise some quick cash. He needs the money to participate in the tournament of tournaments.

And, unlike many movies of this kind – the film is not hero-centric. It’s focused on cheeky relationships between professional poker players. The kind of people who underwent training to cheat, steal, lie and bluff. Needless to say, everyone has a plan of their own. Who will end up on top of the hill?



The movie has Matt Damon and Edward Norton: pretty much enough to make an insane film by default. Especially, if one of them is a retired pro player who is forced to get back in the game to help a friend pay off some debts.

If you love Game of Thrones – this film is fit and tailored to entertain your inner plotting tyrant. Rounders is overfilled with backstabs. They aren’t literal “steel through the heart” stabs, though. They are much worse.

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrells

lock stock

Let’s face it: London is a one-of-a-kind city. The atmosphere there is unique, priceless even. Everyone is so calm, cold and aristocratic you could see signs of royalty in a homeless person. It may seem that the time has frozen there with nothing changing since the 1860-es.

London is not the kind of city where random, chaotic and criminal events take place… unless it is.

Any coin has two sides, and so does the capital of Great Britain. Crime flourishes somewhere in the suburbs. Rival gangs fight over power and territory. Thugs and crooks bust each other’s brains out over another supply of drugs. Imagine what would it be like to get caught between the hammer and the anvil, while owning a million pounds to the cruelest man in town just because he cheated while playing poker?

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