Top 10 Exhilarating Nerve Dares


To celebrate the Home Entertainment release of the electrifying thriller Nerve, we’ve put together a spoiler-free feature on its best dares.

Nerve is the new thriller from Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, the acclaimed creators of smash-hit documentary Catfish, and stars Hollywood’s hottest young actors, Emma Roberts (We’re The Millers, Scream Queens) and Dave Franco (Bad Neighbours, Now You See Me).

Pressured by friends to join the popular online game NERVE, Vee (Emma Roberts) decides to sign up for just one dare in what seems like harmless fun, but when she is partnered with a mysterious stranger (Dave Franco) she finds herself caught in the thrill of adrenaline-fuelled competition. When the game takes a sinister turn, with increasingly dangerous acts, Vee is lead into a high stakes finale that will determine her entire future.

Nerve’s most nerve-wracking dares:

10. Mooning

Kicking the film off with the first example of a risky dare is Sydney’s (Emily Meade) bare-bottomed exhibition for the packed-out football audience. Flashing your flesh isn’t something most people would care to do…and public indecency isn’t something everyone would want on their record either! NERVE rating: 6

9. Public Karaoke

Even if you have the voice of Sinatra, if you haven’t gotten up in public and sang before, the word ‘karaoke’ strikes fear in most people’s hearts. Best to not stretch your vocal range too much. Roy Orbison seems like a safe enough choice for most men – low and gravelly. NERVE rating: 6

8. Kiss A Stranger

nerve dare

Desire, disease – both could be at the tail end of a random kiss, but with Emma Roberts and Dave Franco locking lips as part of their initial teaming up, desire seems to be at the forefront. NERVE rating: 6

7. Get A Tattoo

You might be planning on inking up but, if not, a permanent piece of artwork on your body might be a worrisome thought. How about just going out on a limb and getting one? We see a nervous Vee (Emma Roberts) getting one done in the film, but she has more guts than we’d have imagined. NERVE rating: 7

6. Leave a shop minus your clothes


Like leaving the towel in your room and running through the corridor to grab it. Now imagine that, but in a store! Sure, you may have your underwear, but you’d need a strong backbone to sprint through in your skimpies. NERVE rating: 8

5. Get Into A Fight

Veering into Fight Club territory, yet instead of not talking about it – you’re filming it for the ‘entertainment’ of millions of watchers. Could get serious, could get tense. Two people in Nerve certainly realise that when the game turns sinister. NERVE rating: 8

4. Climb Over a ladder.. suspender over 15 floors

The palm-wetting, sweat-inducing stunt of Nerve’s ladder climb is one of the film’s tensest moments. Vertigo and dread all rolled into one. NERVE rating: 9

3. Lie Under A Moving Train

As they often say at the start of stunt shows, “Do not try this at home”. And you really, really shouldn’t. Nerve shows us the menacing Ty completing this dare, just managing to survive. The word ‘insane’ springs to mind. NERVE rating: 10

2. Reach 60mph Blindfolded on A Motorbike


Motorbike driving is tricky enough – speeding and weaving through traffic. Add in the subtraction of sight and you’ve got a really difficult drive ahead of you. Once again, best to never try this…just never. NERVE rating: 10

1.Hang off a Crane

Suspending yourself the height of a building, with only your strength and grip to keep you from falling to certain death, is definitely one no one would really want to do. Ian (Franco) knows the dangers of it all, and this stunt is something that haunts him throughout. NERVE rating: 11

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Nerve is available to own on Digital Download on 4th December, and DVD and Blu-ray on 5th December 2016.