Tom Hardy Rise of a Legend

picturesStarring roles as Britain’s most dangerous prisoner in Bronson and the villainous brute Bane in The Dark Knight Rises have not only showcased his talent, edginess and ability to entirely inhabit his characters but have also cemented his status as the undisputed heir to De Niro’s mantle as king of dark.

The man who admitted that he would have sold his mum ‘for a rock of crack’, sought treatment in 2002 and returned to work a year later having banished his demons once and for all.

Now, with the title role in the long-awaited Mad Max: Fury Road and the Kray Twins film Legend, he will position himself as the all-time legend Hollywood has been waiting for.

From John Blake’s Publishing, Tom Hardy Rise of a Legend (Published on the 3rd of September) in parts reads like an A-Z of roles and reviews but beyond the facts lies a deep insight into the lows and highs of one of the UK’s most diverse talents.

Tom Hardy Rise of a Legend will be released on the 9th of September