Together Official Short Film

Official PosterTogether is a tense short film by Abdi Warsame and Nail Adam. The foundation of this 12 minute film takes place in Melanie’s kitchen. Meabrupt carlanie is a mother of two. Moment after she begins preparing dinner, a cardiac arrest occurs. Her daughters witness the incident. Julie, a seven year old child along with her four year old sister bravely calls the emergency services and courageously follows the operator’s instructions. Though, as the story unfolds, the unsupervised cooker takes a toll and erupts in smoke. With little time, the operator along with the fire brigade attempts to instruct the children to vacate from the premises while help is on the way.

BTS (5)Together highlights the instinctive yet reversed parental-offspring relationship while it accents child virtues. This is a fast paced, dramatic short film. This film is essentially inspired by a true story. Together is written by Abdi Warsame and Nail Adam who both lost their parent to a comparable event.

The crew consists of talented individuals including Charlie Rhymes, a musician who written and composed an original theme for the film titled Together. James Martin, the Director of Photography has also impressive work under his belt. The production was lucky enough to get a real mother and her daughters to play the characters in the film.

FilmScreenshot (5)

Together’s public screening is in mid June/July 2014. The film is aiming for over 50 film festivals around the world. Nail Adam and Abdi Warsame are currently writing their debut feature film.

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