Tobin Bell Teases Saw Legacy Roller Coaster Trap

Saw Ride – Thorpe Park

We all know that Tobin Bell is set to reprise his role as John Kramer in the Saw franchise but everyone is confused as to how considering he died at the end of Saw III. I have a feeling we may have some flashbacks that link to the start of this new ‘legacy’ and now we know Coastas Mandylore (Hoffman) and Cary Elwes (Dr.Gordon) won’t be starring in the film there may be a twist in the tale as Jigsaw may have recruited a third person to continue his work.

Tobin Bell’s Twitter post shows the Saw ride at Thorpe Park, London with Billy the puppet in the foreground with the hashtag #SawLegacy. Have they filmed something at the park? Is there a rollercoaster trap more elaborate than the spear headed contraption that hoffman used to tear up Jill Kramer in the dream sequence? Oh so many questions!

We won’t be waiting too long to find out as Saw Legacy will be out this Halloween and I can’t bloody wait!