Timeline Music & Cinema game review

Brought to you by Asmodee we got our hands on Timeline Music & Cinema a simple yet addictive card game that tests your knowledge and educates you at the same time.

The object of the game is simple, you are presented with a group of cards and you have to guess the dates of each individual song / movie based on the years of their release, once you have guessed correctly on all the cards in your hand you win the game.


Gameplay is fun, fast and informative with the idea of the game revolves around building a timeline and educating you on the release dates of each individual song or movie, if for whatever reason you guess the date wrong you learn the actual release date for next time.

Playing with even one other person is still fun, but with a group of people you can expand the timeline and things start becoming more interesting, certain dates over-lapping and much harder decisions to make when the dates close to within a yearly time-frame rather than a decade or more for example.


Timeline Music and CinemaThe Timeline game packaging is a sight to behold, an instantly stand out graphics design and a customized tin with every game purchase, the tin is well made and stands alone as a beautiful collectors item. Within the box are two simple card slots that hold the gaming timeline cards.

Timeline cardsThe cards are double sided with one side showing the title of the film / song and the reverse showing the release date of that card.

One problem we did have however were that the cards are incredibly small, the tin makes the cards look like they should be used by the borrowers but never the less the graphics on the cards are magnificent, we only wish that they were a little bigger and made out of stronger material as they feel very ‘Christmas cracker’ quality.

Timeline cards dates


Timeline currently retails for £11.38 on Amazon and is also sold in Waterstones stores. The attractive packaging however does not justify it’s retail mark up price for us purely because the quality of the cards. The tin we estimate to have a collectors value of around £4 and the current card quality around £2. If the cards were bigger, glossier and made from higher quality card we can justify the current mark-up price.

Amazon are offering free delivery on this item however so taking into consideration the shipping price within the current RRP we place this item at around £8.38. Still a little over what we personally would pay for the game but it does bring the price down somewhat. If Waterstones are charging around the £8 price point in store it would more than justify the total spend.


Timeline Music & Cinema is a fun, family friendly little game that would be perfect to play on a cold night or over a holiday. It even taught us some things that we didn’t know and for added Timeline fun you can buy more cards within their range of products making the timeline even bigger and more varied.

Beautifully packaged and nicely put together we give Timeline Music & Cinema a strong 6 out of 10.

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