Tickets On Sale for Monsters For Monsters Film Festival

monsters for monsters press image

On the 18-23rd of June the Monsters For Monsters Film Festival will be heading to London’s new Diorama theatre bringing a whole lost of Horror movie goodness with them along the way.

Classic Horror films such as Alien, The Fly and The Thing will once again be shown on the big screen and they’ve thrown in The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, because, why not?

Natasha a spokesperson for the event say:

“We so loved re-visiting these classic films when researching the new show, we wanted to share the experience with fellow sci fi, horror and comedy nerds. Ivan Ooze! Remember Ivan Ooze?!”


7:15pm every night: Film quiz

7:45pm every night: Exclusive live action trailer for Don’t Wake The Damp


Sat 18:  8PM The Thing (1982)

Sun 19: 8PM Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995)

Mon 20: 8PM The Fly (1986)

Tues 21: 8PM Alien (1979)

Weds 22: 8PM Tron (1982)

Thurs 23:  8PM MYSTERY FILM (?)
All tickets £10


To book tickets:

Box office: 02079 165 467