Thinking Speed

MoviePosterFinalCHICAGO, IL – Two weeks remain for Lisa Menzel’s VFX feature Thinking Speed to fund  its festival circuit release goal of $4,000 and the community is fervently spreading the word. The 22-day campaign has reached 6% of its goal in less than a week as the creator races against time to not only make the launch a success but make it to the festivals on her wish list by their deadlines. Luckily, pressure is something to which Menzel adapts well. But if the project doesn’t fund by Thursday, April 10th at 9:15PM EDT, she will have to adapt to Plan B and the Clock Goblin could be visiting fans closer to Halloween.

If you’re wondering why such a tight squeeze exists after a grueling 35,000-hour, five-year post, Menzel finished the film on February 15th and was determined to reach her desired fests in a relatively short time frame. To accomplish this under any circumstance – which can only be expected after completing a 90% green screen film with close to a hundred actors on a $1,700 budget – she had formulated 4 plans in order to enter the title this season. Despite having quite a large fan page in Facebook’s altered phase of reach, her perking-up participants have elected to share the project’s Kickstarter as they are waiting eagerly to see it on-demand or locally. The founder of the @FilmFrique Twitter project now finds herself on the opposite end of the spectrum – a Prizefighter – this time boxing alongside the projects she selects to promote. And all that karma is coming back with the #ThinkingSpeed hashtag from bloggers and online zines trying to reach those who cheered on this ambitious editor and new readers inspired by her drive. Day by day, quite the crowd of spectators is forming.ClockGoblinSpeech

Thinking Speed, based on the creator’s original novel follows a customer base of Readers who unsuspectingly pursue the biography of a media-jeered murderess, put to death for the killing of her love object, troubled musician, Ethan James. After the execution, a Reader disappears into the book store each day of the week after purchasing the title from none other than the Northeasy Killer herself. In second and third person the audience experiences what the Reader does and will witness a sudden twist in the third act and the foreshadowing is guaranteed to go undetected. Thinking Speed stars Sam Quinn of Transcendence and Jane Got A Gun and Nick Doetsch of Fred Claus and Prison Break.

36 - Honeycreeper's Death (02384)

Spending most of her time perfecting the release trailer, pitch video and product design concepts, Kickstarter backers will now enjoy a wide range of merchandise from magnets, a custom Tarot deck, hoodies, T-shirts, lounge pants, laptop cases and more – all for which have been budgeted against entries and mailings. Additionally, each supporter will be given a special thanks on the film’s IMDB page as well as a pre-distribution copy of the film and an August copy of the original e-novel. Donation tiers range from $1 – $350 and up – a tier where all rewards are included.

The Thinking Speed Kickstarter can be found at:

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