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Why short movies?

The best kind of stories are told in short movies. The kind of stories that make you laugh. Or Cry. That entertain, shock and amaze. Best of all, you only have to give up between 5 and 15 minutes of your time to watch a short film. This makes short films perfect for short journeys, short breaks and short attention spans!

There is a history of short movie making. In the early years of movies (1900 – 1920), when people went to variety shows in theatres, short movies were the norm. It was only with the introduction of television in the 1930’s and 1940’s, that movie producers were forced to start producing longer epic films to get people into cinemas. This is a trend which has continued to this day. The internet is reversing this trend by reducing attention spans. This makes the very shortness of short movies a central asset in competing with traditional TV and cinema.

The founders of have started and run successful global media, technology and data businesses. They fell in love with short movies. They started a project in 2016 to change three things in the world of short movies.

Short movies as a consumer brand

The general public often think of short movies as “too artistic” or as “study pieces” for bigger projects. They rarely think of a short movie as something that is as good (or bad) as a long movie. is changing this by showing people that short movies have great acting, special effects and surprising endings. They have famous faces, brilliant action sequences and tell great stories. In fact, if you are really busy or easily bored, they are better than long movies as they only take up a small amount of your time. The staff at watch 1000s of short films to select the ones that are the most entertaining and tell the best stories. The ones with a beginning, middle and end. The ones that people want to watch.

He_Took_His_Skin_Off_For_me shortt film

Short movie distribution

If you’ve made a brilliant short film, how do you get an audience? The conventional approach has been to go to one of the 4,000 global film festivals but different festivals have different criteria about what is ‘good’. This criteria is often political, social or economic which means that films that win aren’t the ones that the general public like. Even if a you win at a film festival, that is usually the end of a process, not the beginning of distribution. is helping filmmakers by getting the audience to judge what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ in our online and real world film festivals. Films with the most views and best reviews receive awards and get publicity and distribution.


Film community networking

Film is a people business. You can’t make a film on your own. There are all sorts of people who need to network – investors and distributors need to get matched with filmmakers. Filmmakers with producers, writers and camera and sound crews. Lots of people provide services on movies from artists and set designers to caterers and photographers. Then there are film students just starting out who want advice. There are actors and actresses, voice over artists and film critics. There are movie production companies, editors, equipment hire companies, transport firms, musicians and composers. They all want networking opportunities. offer these opportunities at the Discover Short Film Awards. It also offers an online networking space that allows people to contact each other with new opportunities and ask for help and advice.


The next Discover Film Festival will take place in September and entries can still be made at the moment. The last festival received huge critical acclaim and this one promises to be even bigger and better.

Whether you are looking to enter a Film Festival, to network with those in the film industry or to watch the best short films – Discover.Film

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