The Wicker Man Alton Towers First On-Ride Footage

wicker man alton towers

The guys over at Birmingham Live were one of the first press outlets to ride the new Wicker-Man ride at Alton Towers this week. Costing £16million pounds the ride contains a giant wicker man structure that is constantly on fire when riders are plunged through it.

I feel as thou this ride would be perfect to ride in the dark but like I said when they announced the ride would include fire, the daytime setting doesn’t really compliment the effects. I think even the guys at Alton Towers realize this because every marketing picture released of the image (bar the initial construction images) have taken at dawn or night time. That should say it all really.  This ride will really shine at Halloween when the rides open at night and that’s when I intend on going!

Have a look at the POV footage below:


Take a look at our full review of our ride experience right HERE

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