The Void Review

A nostalgic throwback to classic 80’s Horror weaving in Kubrick and Clive Barker nods but still maintaining it’s own independent heart, spirit and terror.

Written and directed by Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski The Void revolves around a group of people who find themselves under siege in a hospital with an army of white robe wearing cultists surrounding the hospital. They’re not there to break in, they are there to stop the group from escaping as inside the building people are transforming into gory hellish creatures that refuse to die.

What The Void does brilliantly is provide no build-up whatsoever. We don’t get to know the characters all that well as we are thrown into the Horror instantly without question, experiencing everything one would feel themselves if they were caught up in that situation. Usually build-up is an integral piece of the puzzle in a Horror movie but not this one, it’s not needed and in full 80’s fashion we are thrown into the scenario not knowing what’s happening, what’s lurking in the shadows and it’s great. It’s edgy, it’s unique and it’s terrifying.

The film does lend it’s fair share of winks and nods to the 80’s classic Horror movies but never highlights them or goes about them in any detail. The film almost urges the audience to look for it themselves. This might have been totally unintentional but I caught a strong The Thing vibe, an axe that oozes Kubrick’s The Shining and a creature homage that looks freakishly like the chatterer from Hellraiser. The Void really has it all and puts you right in the heart of those 80’s movies we all know and love.

 As the creatures take over the hospital they are all hidden within the dark. Confined to the shadows as we are only given a glimpse of the terror that they project. The SPFX team have done an incredible job and it’s one of the highlights of the movie. In every scene the creatures look different or you spot a new gory, oozing feature that you missed the time before. The Void prides itself on it’s monsters in a dark and disgusting way. Just the way I like it!

Whilst you don’t really care about the fate of anyone in the cast, this Horror movie puts me personally in the driving seat of routing for the bad-guys to win but that’s where I feel Horror really shines. As a Horror nut what fan didn’t want Freddy Krueger to win just that once? Or what fan didn’t want Jason to catch up with all of those horny teens?

The Void is a dark, unpredictable freak show. Unsettling and ominous this movie really is a bloody good time!

Impressive, very impressive as it stands alone as it’s own instant classic.

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