The Void Out on Blu Ray and DVD April 24

Prepare for a fresh slice of terror from the warped imaginations of VFX and design masters Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie. The Void is a highly anticipated new horror following a series of successful and prestigious festival appearances. Encountering a blood-soaked man on a dark deserted road, a police officer rushes the victim to the local hospital. Soon the staff and patients are trapped by a terrifying, otherworldly threat and forced on a hellish voyage into the depths of the building to escape the nightmare.

The incredible 80’s Horror throwback The Void was a firm favourite here at Back to the Movies, our review even got onto one of their quotes posters (see below)

I can’t wait to see this on the shelves in the coming weeks. Check out our review HERE.

The Void is out now on Digital HD and on Blu-ray & DVD with lots of extras from 24th April

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