The Tour

The Tour(1)Dark moor Manor has a dark and bloody past, would you like a tour?

The Tour is going to be a 10-15 minute horror film made by horror fans for horror fans but don’t worry, it will also appeal to those who just like a good scare. The Tour is written and directed by Damon Rickard & Alex Mathieson.

This is the story of Darkmoor Manor, a house with a history so steeped in death it has gained the reputation of the most haunted house in England. Closed to the public and now part of a local tour, the tour guide offers to give two American backpackers a personal viewing, a side of England not available in a guide book. Desperate to get closer to the dark secrets buried with its victims, they accept, but do not expect the full horrors that await them inside Darkmoor Manor. Sometimes secrets are best left buried.

The Tour is set to star Jessica Cameron, Heather Dorff and Tom Gordon. The Tour is currently campaigning for funding, so any help is greatly appreciated in their final few days, you can find there indiegogo page at

You can like The Tour on Facebook at and follow The Tour on Twitter at @TheTourMovie.

Written by Jamie Simms Published on 12/03/2013

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