The Slayers Review

The Slayers

Costing just £15,000 to make The Slayers just goes to show that in the right hands, low budget doesn’t mean low quality as this film oozes with comedy, class and great looking indie special effects that really suprised me and exceeded my expectations.

Nigel and Job are both members of a cult who stall on their suicide back in order to live their lives for the remaining two weeks before embracing a comet that is soon to wipe out the world. Now given a new lease of life the guys make a questionable bucket list, but their life goals and ambitions are stopped short when they run into a gang of blood thirsty vampires.

Throwing in bouts humour throughout, our Max & Paddy esque couple Nigel and Job really are the layabouts you hate to love. The film is fast paced but shows off Stoke on Trent and the surrounding areas with cinematic class. I’ve seen movies with over 100k budgets looking far worse than The Slayers, some shots are delightful and wouldn’t look out of place on a Hollywood production let alone an Indie flick.

The Slayers - Still

Goofyness rolled in with it’s enthusiastic approach makes watching Nigel and Job’s journey fun and enjoyable, if you can survive a rather dull opening 7 minute monologue from actor Anthony Miles then you’re in for a nice little treat. Sorry to say Anthony but I was glad your character drank the poison and exited the opening exchange rather quickly, it just wasn’t working for me. With that said however I think some other parts of the film did drag on ever so slightly and with a quick trim down and an edit would help to progress the story and allow it to flow more smoothly.

I really enjoyed The Slayers and John Williams (Director / Producer / Writer) has really done himself proud with this one, it’s by no means perfect but it’s a milestone achievement in Independent British Horror cinema and everyone involved deserves a giant pat on the back.