The return of CM Punk

wwe-payback-2013-dvdPayback 2013

On DVD & Blu-Ray Monday 26th Aug. 2013 


Following on the from the events of Extreme Rules 2013, WWE Payback features a “3 Stages Of Hell” Match (The combination of a Lumberjack match, Tables match, and if required, an Ambulance match) between John Cena and. Ryback.

Also on the cards, Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield for the WWE Tag Team Championship, Kane vs. Dean Ambrose for the U.S. Championship, the return of CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho and plenty more!


This pay per view was immense so much action even the smaller matches are a joy to watch  Wade Barrett, The Miz and Curtis Axel start off the show with a triple threat match that really gets the crowd pumping and with it finishing in a smart way it really teed up the Diva’s championship match that follows.

Later into the show the main events for me were the Chris Jericho vs CM Punk fight and of course the main event the Three Stages of Hell match between John Cena and Ryback.

The Jericho fight has been rated as one of the best matches of the year, I personally think that is a bit of an exaggeration as the only reason its a big match, is because of the return of CM Punk after his little breakdown on Monday Night Raw. It was a good match admittedly but not one that matches up to any of the other stand out matches of 2013.

A contender for match of the year however would defiantly be John Cena Vs Ryback, a complete package of mayhem, carnage and destruction that even had my body aching just from watching it ! A lumberjack match followed by a table match but the match is drawn so then there is an ambulance match, oh man, you gotta see that ! Just look at this image that’s all you need to know !

cena_back_pay_crop_650x440Check it out guys Payback 2013 on DVD and Blu Ray SOON !